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    Can You Bring a Water Bottle On a Plane? Rules Explained

    Yes, you can bring a water bottle on a plane, but there are certain liquid rules and guidelines you should be aware of to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States and similar aviation security agencies around the world have specific regulations regarding liquids, including water, that passengers are allowed to bring on board in your hand luggage. Spoiler alert – you can not bring a full water bottle past airport security gate in your carry-on bags if it does not comply with the tsa’s 3-1-1 rule explained below (in short, a bottle of water over 100 milliliters – let me…

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    Tax Year Overview and SA302 Explained

    If you’ve recently applied for a mortgage, you likely have been requested to provide documents like SA302 and a tax year overview to verify your self-employed income. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, refer to the table of contents below for clarification. What is a tax year overview? In the United Kingdom, a Tax Year Overview is a summary document provided by HMRC system that outlines an individual’s income, tax contributions, and other relevant financial information for a given tax year.  The Tax Year Overview is generated by HMRC once the individual has completed and submitted their self-assessment tax return, detailing the amount owed directly to HMRC or any eligible…

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    How To Change Name On National Insurance and HMRC Details?

    This article will guide you on how to change name on national insurance. National insurance change of name contact number The phone number to change name on national insurance is 0300 200 3500 The phone line is closed during the weekends and bank holidays. The expense associated with contacting national insurance contributions office depends upon its initial digits, your telecommunications service provider, and the choice between using a landline or a mobile device. Mobile call falls from 3p to 65p and a landline call will cost up to 16p per minute (is anyone still using these?). If your contract covers a set amount of minutes, this call should be free.…

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    Do You Pay National Insurance On Dividends Income?

    Delving into the world of dividend taxation as a UK taxpayer can be a nuanced journey for investors and business owners alike. If you ask yourself, do you pay national insurance on dividends? The answer is no, you don not pay national insurance contributions on your dividends income. ​However, dividend income involves various additional factors presented in this article. As an integral aspect of tax planning, understanding how dividends are taxed is crucial for making informed decisions and optimizing your overall financial strategy. This guide aims to empower you with the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of dividend taxation in the UK. How is dividend income taxed in UK?…

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    14 Best Travel Ideas and Destinations For Sober Vacation

    Have you recently joined a sober challenge, dry January, or looking to reduce your consumption of alcohol and want to go on an alcohol-free trip? Whatever the reason is, I prepared a list of some excellent sober vacation ideas. I think that alcohol-free vacations can be way more enjoyable. You can enjoy early mornings without a headache, with better mental health and higher energy compared to times when your consumption of alcohol was high. You can tailor your trip to match your needs. However, I would not go to all inclusive resorts or take cruise ships – there are plenty of temptations on such holidays.  Before traveling abroad, always check…

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    Laka the bicycle insurance review

    Laka the bicycle insurance review Between June 2021 – July 2022 7,4421 bike thefts were reported in England. The official numbers likely underestimate the actual occurrence due to under-reporting. Laka is a modern, community-based approach to bicycle insurance and I am happy to review it. I share a referral code at the end. The complementary insurance I had was running out and I was shopping for a good deal. Concurrently, I was moving and the new place didn’t have a lock-secured car park where I could store my Precious – this was a requirement all the insurance policies I found seemed to have.  I gave up the search and bought…